OUCE 2018

Oktober, To be defined, Munich


The OpenNMS User Conference Europe is a series of conferences focused on all the things around monitoring and network management. Our conferences create a time and place for the community to share information, discuss ideas and work together to improve monitoring with the free software OpenNMS.


  • Jeff Gehlbach

    Jeff Gehlbach OpenNMS, OGP

    Jeff has worked with free software since the mid-1990s and has practiced the discipline of large-scale network management since 2000. His current role as Director of Applied Innovation at The OpenNMS Group lets him continue both these pursuits, and even affords him to write the occasional line or two of code.

  • Ronny Trommer

    Ronny Trommer OpenNMS, OGP

    He has been working for more than 10 years in IT and has been using OpenNMS since 2004. He worked as a scientific assistant at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda and wrote with his two friends Alexander Finger and Klaus Thielking-Riechert the German book about OpenNMS. He is also an elected member of the Order of the Green Polo since 2010 and was a Google Summer of Code mentor for the OpenNMS project.


This is the preliminary schedule for OUCE 2018.

Time Slot Description
TBD Jeff Gehlbach Supportability Roundtable Jeff Gehlbach
TBD Jeff Gehlbach Single and Reduced Sign-On in OpenNMS Jeff Gehlbach This talk is about using advanced Sign-In technologies in OpenNMS
TBD Jeff Gehlbach The HOE Stack: Helm + OpenNMS + Elasticsearch Jeff Gehlbach How to run OpenNMS with Helm in Grafana and Elasticsearch
TBD Ronny Trommer Docker: Hello Ground! Ronny Trommer The Whale and the Bowl of Petunias