I need help attending the conference?

For students, people who attend private or have limited financial possibilities to give their talk at the conference, we are willing to help. Please understand, we have to decide by case, so please don’t hesitate and get in contact with the organization team. Register on the mailing list and send an email with the subject [BURSARY] to the ouce-orga@lists.opennms.eu.

How can I sponsor the conference?

You want to be a sponsor of our coming OUCE? There are several possibilities to give you a present on our conference page, conference material and handout, give aways, evening event, etc. If you are interested in sponsoring please fill the Sponsoring Form to get in contact and to get further details. The sponsoring will be organized by the members of the conference board.

I want to be a part of the organizing team of the event

There are many possibilities to volunteer in the non-profit OpenNMS Foundation. Our current project is organizing the next OUCE. If you’re interested in volunteering please fill the Volunteer Form to get in contact and to get further details.

If you’re interested to help organizing the conference in any crazy kind you can imagine, please let us know by filling the form below. We are open for any kind of volunteering.